The Exhibition:

Videos and soundscapes collected and produced during the weeks of tracing the fire are on display documenting physical evidence in the spaces represented by our data modelling. The data-creatures are fleshed-out, the study’s carriers remain anonymous.
A home range is the territory in which the subject’s life takes place. The exhibition presents detailed documentation of the home range of the one specimen that provided the most coherent set of data. Daily routines, temporal cycles and locational patterns construct his habitat synthesizing in the gallery space in the form of videos, audio recordings, photos and things found in his home range. The outer limits of the territory, the borders of his world are presented as two extensive photographic panoramas. One looking outwards to a perimeter and the edge of his world, the other one depicting its interior. In a neutral space between the two, the spectator takes a stroll. Outside the gallery, our guided tours kick off to show visitors the hard evidence in their urban habitat.